Online Services

Collaborating Churches of New Westminster have created an online worship service on Zoom.   You can view previous services below  by clicking on the link and entering the password. 

Send an email to to receive a weekly link to our online services so you can attend them via Zoom.

Sunday service:  May 9, 2022

Passcode:  May8,2022

Sunday service:  May 1, 2022

Passcode:  IA=@.F6?

Sunday service:  April 24, 2022

Passcode:  April24,2022

Easter Sunday:  April 17, 2022

Passcode:  April17,2022

Palm Sunday service:  April 10, 2022

Passcode:  April10,2022

Sunday service:  April 3, 2022

Passcode:  April3,2022

Sunday service:  March 27, 2022

Passcode:  March27,2022

Sunday service:  March 20, 2022

Passcode:  March20,2022

Sunday service:  March 13, 2022

Passcode:  March13,2022