A poem written by one of our members…

Back in January 2018, Barbara M was longing for a little bit of snow. Then the snow arrived and she was inspired to write a poem about the lack of snow which she brought and read to the Group.And here it is:


The weather on the coast is very rainy as you know
Why oh why I wonder is there hardly any snow?

It’s 10 degrees at Christmas and my flowers are still growing
Why or why cannot the white stuff start to be a blowing?

The sky is grey day after day with not a flake in sight
Something seems a little off, something’s not quite right.

I long for days of snowball fights and mittens and a hat
All this rain and fog and such just makes me want to scat.

So next year as the winter comes I’ll say goodbye to rain
I’ll book my flight and head up north and I’ll see snow again.