Making a Donation

Why donate?

Knox Presbyterian Church aims to be a source of faith-based community and support in Sapperton.  This has made possible only because of the generous giving of people just like you. The ministry and mission of Knox in Sapperton and in the wider New Westminster community will develop and thrive with your financial support and giving.

Wherever you are in your faith journey and whatever your circumstances, you are welcomed and your contributions, both financial and other, to the church are needed and appreciated.

Where do my donations go?

Your donation will be used to:

  • Maintain a community of Christian ministry and outreach in Sapperton
  • Provide spiritually-nourishing Sunday services, currently via Zoom
  • Offer a  location for community-based programs (AA, Coffee and Conversation, etc)
  • Support people in need in our Sapperton community (eg. food distribution program)
  • Connect with the world at large via Presbyterians Sharing
  • Offer Christian education to children in our Sunday school (during non-Covid times)

How to donate?

There are a number of ways to donate to Knox:

  • Weekly envelopes- Contact the Church Office  to receive a set of dated, numbered envelopes to hold your weekly donation when you put it in the offering plate on Sunday mornings.
  • PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittances)(Monthly) Your donation is transferred automatically from your bank account on the 20th of each month. Knox Presbyterian pays no commission on your PAR donations. If you are a new PAR giver, simply complete a PAR authorization form (second page of this brochure) and drop off or mail it to our Church Office with a void cheque.
  • Post-dated cheques – Please send a set of post-dated cheques to the Church Office. Your cheques can be for each month, each quarter, or at whatever intervals you choose.
  • Special Offering Envelopes— From time to time, the church gives the opportunity to make a special offering for either a fund-raising campaign or a special cause.
  • Other – Some people prefer to make a gift by cash or cheque periodically throughout the year.  Please donate to the collections plate during the service or contact the Church Office.  Donations must be identified to receive a Tax Receipt.
  • Fund-raising events – In addition to our yearly Purdy’s fundraiser, the Knox Presbyterian Women’s Association holds a number of events, including our highly popular Strawberry Tea Sale. Visit our home page from time to time for notice of one of these special events!

Can I get a Tax Receipt?

Knox issues tax receipts for donations that are identified with your name or donor number. You’ll receive a tax receipt at year end. Under current Canadian tax laws, you receive a tax credit of up to 43.7% of the charitable donations you make in a year.

Memorial Gifts

Knox Presbyterian Church may have been a meaningful place in your life or in the life of a loved one.  Gifts in memory of loved ones go to support our ongoing work and can be directed to support specific ministries.   Memorial gifts keep present the love and work of the person being memorialized.  To make a memorial gift, please contact Ingrid at the Church Office.

Future Gifts

  • Bequests through a Will— Using a Bequest – ie leaving either a specific gift of cash, or other assets, or a portion of your estate – is a great way to leave a final gift to your church.
  • Life Insurance—Making the church a beneficiary of a life insurance policy will give you a tax benefit today and provide a future gift to Knox Presbyterian Church. With a modest monthly insurance premium for a new policy, you can leave a substantial legacy to the congregation in the future. Your annual premiums are tax deductible.

Presbyterians Sharing

Presbyterians Sharing is the organization that funds the work of the Presbyterian Church of Canada across the country and around the world through many ministries.  Knox Presbyterian Church contributes to Presbyterians Sharing every year.  To find out more about the different ministries of Presbyterians Sharing or about donating directly to Presbyterians Sharing, please visit their Donation Page.

In this video, Dr. Amanda Currie, Chief Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Canada, explains the importance of giving:    Called to the Vineyard