Purdy’s fundraiser

St. Aidan’s, Knox and Gordon are doing a joint Purdy’s Christmas fundraiser.  The money will go to improve the technical experience of our online services.    The order deadline is November 28 at 12 p.m. and your chocolates can be picked up at on Saturday, December 4th,  from 11:30am – 1:30pm at Gordon.


On your computer’s search line, type

– fundraising.purdys.com

Click on the three bars on the top right side, next to seasonal fundraising

Click on – Sign in

You now have the choice of logging in as a Returning Customer or a New Customer.

It will ask for an email.

The church’s customer number is – 7239

You are almost there!  Click on shop online.(if you don’t see this, click on the 3 white bars again)

Now click on Marketplace. You should be on Gordon Church’s site. Scroll down until you see the chocolates! The catalogue is easy to use and shows great pictures of each item.

Remember, you can Mail you Purdy’s Gifts if we are still distancing!