Why go to church

Recently, we asked our members “Why do you come to church?” Here’s what they had to say…

• In the past decade, I’ve lost a number of good friends and family. I saw joining a church as a way to gain new friends and a second family; to serve others, and to find a more active and fulfilling relationship with God.
• I have a childhood connection and was taught to go to church where I find fellowship with other Christians and hear the gospel of love, hope, and meaning.
• Worship, habit, the people in my church, sometimes to hear a particular minister, associate with like-minded people, and to reinforce faith with encouragement for continued faith.
• Started attending so my son could go to Sunday school. Made many friendships which keep me coming back. Also what keeps me coming back is the spiritual guidance to sustain me through the week.
• I go to church for the fellowship and sense of community and for inspiration and knowledge that maintains and strengthens my faith.
• Because there is no other place like church.
• I go to church hearing the sermons, singing, and fellowship.
• If I don’t come to God’s house, He won’t come to mine.
• Church reminds me of how frail humans nature. To ensure kindness and acceptance is always prevalent.
• Sermons, and fellowship with friends.
• People, and Praise songs.
• I go to church to contribute to the group. On Tuesdays bible study, and Wednesday the coffee group. On Sunday it’s a choice of service.
• Fellowship, People & Friendships, to feel God’s presence, music, message, a “boost” to get me through the week, other events & coffee time, bible study, workshops, alpha, so much support from the church family.
• A sense of belonging and connection.
• “Just love everyone, I’ll sort ‘em out later. – God” That’s what the sign outside said. I wanted to attend. After a heartfelt meeting with the minister, I was invited to attend Sunday service. I needed a place to live and the minister prayed for me and my wife during the service. That evening we got the phone call we were accepted for tenancy! Since then I’ve grown to love the people and have a desire to serve the church with the skills the Lord has given me. I go to church because I need God in my life. I go to Knox church because I’m family.

Please consider joining us for worship at 10:30AM, and stay for refreshments in the church hall after the service. We’d love to give you a chance to get to know us better. Hope to see you soon!

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