Conditions for submission & FAQ

Thank you for considering submitting your artwork to the Knox Virtual Festival of the Arts 2020!  

Below are some conditions and information for artists to be aware of before submitting work. 


PERMISSION to display your work online – be internet-aware

***This will be a virtual art festival and so by submitting your artwork to us, you are giving us permission to post it on the website and our the Knox social media pages for the month of August 2020.***

 ***You are aware that, the internet being what it is, we cannot control and are not responsible for other people copying and/or sharing your digital image, video, or document while it is posted online.***

 WHAT kind of artwork can be submitted?

The purpose of the festival is for members of our church communities to connect with each other by sharing their artistic talents.   We are therefore not limited by genre or theme.  Suggestions for types of work are visual art, photography, digital art, music, song, dance, spoken word/drama, short literary works, poetry.   Our suggested length for text documents is 500 words.  Our suggested length for videos is 2 minutes.  You can submit older work or current/recent work.   You are welcome to submit more than one piece.


WILL all submissions be displayed?

This is a celebration of work and we are not critics; therefore, we will not be judging for artistic merit.  However, we do reserve the right to not display work that we feel is not appropriate to our festival for whatever reason.


WHO can submit work?

The Knox Virtual Festival of the Arts is accepting artwork from the Knox church community, their family and friends, and from associated church congregations, family and friends.  In your submitting email, please let us know your church affiliation, association, or how you came to know about the festival.


HOW can I submit work?

Please share or attach your work to with your first and last name, your church affiliation or how you came to know about the festival, and the title of your piece.  If possible, please also include a short write-up with  your artwork’s inspiration, techniques, message etc – whatever you would like us to mention.

Here are some websites to help with:

photographing your art with a phone camera:

emailing us pictures of your art:

or sharing videos with our email address:



HOW will artwork be presented?

The work will be posted on the Knox website at

It will be displayed with your first name and last initial as artist, along with your write-up, most likely on a Google slides presentation.   Depending on the number of submissions, it will likely be organized according to genre and then artist.

We may use graphics to visually enhance plain text documents or audio files if none are provided by the artist.


WHEN will artwork be presented?

The festival will be published online from August 22 – 29.   A final Zoom meeting on August 29 to view work and to meet and greet artists and patrons.  We ask for permission, however, to post your documents, videos and images throughout the month of August for possible promotion and follow-up from the festival.

A more long-term visual record of the festival highlights will be created but we will ask your permission separately to use your artwork in that record.


Please email us if you have further questions or concerns!

Your KVFA 2020 planning committee.